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Project Description


FP Series amplifiers are with switch power supply. Its compact and precise structure makes it high-performance. Each channel has independent adjustable peak output voltage, which enables the amplifier to drive speakers with different power easily. Intelligent protecting circuit provides advanced technology to protect the internal circuits and connected loads, so that the amplifiers and speakers can still be operated in extreme conditons. Applied to situations like Performance, Night Club, etc.

8 ohms Stereo Power 4x1350w
4 ohms Stereo Power 4x2100w
2 ohms Stereo Power 4x2500w
8 ohms Bridged Power 2x4200w
4 ohms Bridged Power 2x5000w
Frequency Response ( +0/-0.3dB, 1w/8 ohms ): 20HZ ? 34 KHZ
THD 20HZ ? 20KHZ For 1w: <0.1%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: > 112 dBA
Channel separation ( per channel ): Bindeng Posts 2-pole
Input Connectors ( per channel ): 3-pin XLR, electronically balanced
Output Connectors ( per channel ) : Binding Posts 2-pole
Tour Class Protection: ACL, IGM, AutoRamp, Short circuit, DC voltage, turn-on/off current inrush, sub/ultrasonic input Operanting voltage, 230v / 115v nominal: 130-265V / 65-135V selectable
Voltage Gain (dB ): 23, 26, 29, 32, 35, 38, 41 dB selectable
Input impedance: 20 kOhms
Level adjustment ( per ch. ): Front-panel potentiometer, 31 position detented from -info to 0dB
DIMENSIONS 88mm x 483mm x 396mm


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