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Project Description

hd HLS24-TourSys1

Revolutionary HybridLineSource-Technology.
The HybridLineSource is a new and worldwide unique loudspeaker system developed by Harmonic Design, which reduces the needed truck space dramatically and improves the quality of a public address system to a new level of uniformity and complete absence of distortions. The HybridLineSource System is equipped with two specially designed high performance 12“ neodymium low frequency chassis and reaches already a sensitivity of 108dB in the low-mid-frequency range.

AMPLIFIER Powersoft X4
SUBWOOFER hd Infra218
Model hd HLS24-TourSys1
Principle Bassreflexsystem / hybride Horn
Transducers 2x 12″N LF 4x 1.4″N HF
2x 18″ long excursion chassis
Crossover active at 95 Hz
Frequency Range 28 Hz – 20 kHz
Coverage horizontal 100° x vertical 40°
Dimensions(B x H x T) 480 x 675 x 560 mm (hd HLS24)
1190 x 536 x 670 mm (hd Infra218)
Weight 45 kg (hd HLS24P)
89 kg (hd Infra218)
15 kg (hd X4)
Enclosure 15 mm Multiplex
black powder-coated steel grille acoustic foam
ergonomic transport handles
flange adaptor
integrated 3-Point FastRig-Rigging
M20 thread
Options RAL-colors


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