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Project Description

hd LevelZ

The hd MultiDSP plattform with open architecture guarantees a perfect control of all relevant system components thanks to the all new and easy to use, windows -based remote software hd LevelZ. This new DSP plattform enable now all processing and remote features of large scale sound systems in a smart plug & play device. The input section comprises a routung matrix, a function generator (sine and noise) and per input 16 IIR-Filter in double precision with adjustable type, slope, width, gain and a 384-Taps FIR-Filter. Per output channel there are 16 IIR-Filter in double precision with adjustable type, slope, width, gain, 384-Taps FIR-Filter, up to 100ms delay, phase reversal, peak-limiter, RMS-limiter, gain and mute.

20 Factory-Presets are avaliable for all Harmonic Design loudspeaker configurations to be accessed directly at the device that one can always reset the settings to default. This guarantees best reliability for the connected loudspeakers and ensures a dynamic and linear sound reproduction. For specific user settings there are another 20 freely configurable User-Presets to adjust the system to the individual demands and taste. Control via the software enables most detailed changes and manage unlimited User-Preset configurations. All settings will be loaded even from totally unknown devices and may be adjusted after few seconds of synchronization.

  • hd P-Series
  • hd Qi-Series