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Project Description

hd M8/P12stereo

The mobile hd M8 / P12 Stereo active PA system combines first-class sound quality with elegant design. The round top captivates with its sleek design and its roadworthy housing made of sturdy aluminum. The arrangement of the speakers, as compared to the hd ML series, is chosen so that the hd M series works on the principle of a point sound source.


The vertical beam angle of 40 ° provides a more direct alignment of the sound to the audience without unwanted reflections from walls or windows. This leads to more direct sound, offers a higher speech recognition and fewer problems in acoustically problematic rooms, with lower basic volume. That is why hd M Serie is ideal for voice and music transmission in halls, conference rooms and churches.

SUBWOOFER hd P12stereo
Modellname hd M8/P12stereo
Prinzip Punktschallquelle / Bassreflexsystem
Bestückung 8x 2″ Breitband-Chassis Neodym
1x 12″ Langhuch-Chassis
Trennfrequenz aktiv bei 160 Hz
Übertragungsbereich 40 Hz – 20 kHz
Maximaler Schalldruck (1 m) 123 dB
Abstrahlwinkel nominal horizontal 100° x vertikal 40°
Anschluss 1x Netzbuchse
2x Input XLR
2x Speakon NL4
Abmessung (B x H x T) 86 x 1070 x 86 mm (hd M8)
400 x 370 x 420 mm (hd P12)
Gewicht 4kg (hd M8)
19 kg (hd P12)
Gehäuseausführung 15 mm Multiplex Birkenholz
Strukturlack schwarz
Pulverbeschichtung Aluminiumgehäuse
ergonomische Tragegriffe
M20 Gewindeeinsatz
Optionen RAL-Farben


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