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Project Description

hd PL24Beam

The hd PL-Series extends the Harmonic Design® LineArray Stick portfolio with a more powerful PowerLine Stick loudspeaker series with a comparable nice outer appearance as the hd ML-Series. Lightweight enclosures using modern materials from airspace combined with ground-breaking new designed 3“ drivers for a long lasting and reliable column speakers with outstanding sound reproduction of music and speech in even larger applications. There are customer specific length available according to the modular design of every Harmonic Design® column speaker series to fulfill every applications needs.

Model hd PL24Beam
Principle cylidrical wave propagation
Transducers 24x 3″ shielded fullrange chassis
Crossover active at 90 Hz
Power Rating (RMS / Peak) 24x 75W, Class-D, digital I2S input
Frequency Response 90 Hz – 20 kHz
max. Beam Count 3
SPLmax (1 m) 127 dB
Coverage horizontal 80°
Vertical Steering Angle ± 45°, in 0.1° steps
Vertical Opening Angle 0° – 90°, in 0.1° steps
AdvancedDirectivityOptimization yes, adjustable in fine steps
Connection Phoenix 3-pole Mains Phoenix 6-pole Input Dante® Ethernet USB
Dimensions (B x H x T) 102 x 2633 x 108 mm
Weight 18 kg
Enclosure powder coated aluminum steel grille U-slot at rear side
Options RAL-colors DANTE® primary
  • airports
  • stations
  • churches
  • lecture halls
  • houses of worship
  • museums
  • conference rooms
  • hotels
  • sport arenas
  • AV installations
  • mobile use
  • live events