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Project Description

hd System Amplification

Since our company was founded in 1980, we rely in sophisticated systems consisting of loudspeaker, signal processor and power amplifier. In any Harmonic Design® system, powerful, versatile and intelligent signal processors and amplifiers play a key role in linearity and reliability in harsh everyday life. After extensive research and evaluation, in addition to our proprietary DSP amplifier platform from the hd P-, Qi- and Beam-Series, we trust in Powersoft DSP amplifier platforms for their neutrality and flexibility, as well as their state-of-the-art signal processors that meet our in-house DSP development experience and obviously with plenty of power reserves are well suited to draw the full potential of the hd speaker system. The impressive performance of modern DSP amplifiers, however, are ultimately only worth so much of how much the factory presets exploit and fit well with the speaker design. Besides the capabilities of DSP amplifiers the essential thing that makes a noticeable difference is the use of perfectly matched settings and presets using FIR and IIR filters as well as bulletproof multi-stage Limiter settings.