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hd Sub-Series

Harmonic Design subwoofers use pioneering technologies in component design, acoustics and signal processing for extreme bandwidth and tonal consistency.

hd P-Series

The hd P-Series is acoustically identical to the hd Sub-Series with the difference that the hd P-Series has a high-end hd MultiDSP and a powerful amplifier in the same case. In this way it becomes a basic building block for any mobile Plug & Play system.

hd C-Series

Active System Subwoofer

hd M-Series

PointSource Stick

hd x81-Series

The hd x81 series stands for lightweight, compact and optically discreet passive 2-way universal speaker boxes and consists of the hd 181, the hd 281 and the low profile monitor hd 281M.

hd MP-Series

The hd MP10N, hd MP12N and hd MP15N are full range cabinets that have been specifically designed and optimized to be true a real multi-purpose loudspeaker for permanent installation and mobile applications. The innovative acoustic design achieves a true linear response – not only in terms of flat frequency response, but also in the dynamic range and every other acoustic parameter.

hd No3-Series

Compact LineArray

hd LSA-Series

LineSource Array

hd HLS-Series